Chair of Research and Organisation

Head of chair: Bojana Mesec ...

The Chair of Research and Organisation brings together two areas of great relevance to social work, enabling social work students of the 1st and the 2nd cycle to independently explore, discover and adapt the conceptual approaches in social work.

The main objectives of the courses in the Chair of Research and Organisation are:

  • introduce students to independent planning and evaluation of programmes in social security,
  • understand how to analyse, synthesise and anticipate solutions and consequences,
  • introduce students to the search for alternative solutions in the process of strategic planning of social action,
  • provide students with the tools to successfully resolve complex problems that individuals may encounter in their work environment.

Therefore, the Chair of Research and Organisation aims to provide students with an introduction to the established methods of researching and developing social programmes, so that they can become competent beyond Slovenia's borders. This objective is achieved by providing students with fundamental knowledge on:

  • research in social work,
  • planning social action,
  • evaluation of social programmes,
  • project funding by the European Social Funds,
  • managing social projects.