International doctoral studies in social work (INDOSOW)

In accordance with the decision of the Senate of the University of Ljubljana accredited joint doctoral program of Social Work-INDOSOW (3rd Cycle), which is implemented by the Faculty of Social Work with cooperation of foreign partner institutions and which accreditation ends in the academic year 2015/16 (30. 9. 2016), the University of Ljubljana will not extend the accreditation.Therefore the enrolment into the programme in academic year 2015/16 is not possible.

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INDOSOW is the first international doctoral programme of the discipline in Europe. The programme includes studying at a Partner University in another country and participating at international summer schools. The student meets distinguished university teachers from Europe and beyond. In 2009, the US Council on Social Work Education awarded the programme for excellence.

The programme takes three years.

The studies have two branches. The student enrols either in double degree studies or in studies on a bilateral agreement. The programme is the same but the procedures are somewhat different. 


Double degree studies

  • The student chooses the Home University and the Partner University amongst the universities that have signed the agreement to establish the double degree studies: University of Ljubljana, Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, University of Jyväskylä and University of Siegen.
  • The selection of applicants for admission is made by the Academic Board, composed of two representatives from each Partner Institution.
  • Double supervision is mandatory. As a rule, the first supervisor is from the Home University and the second one from the Partner University.
  • As a rule, the language of the dissertation is English, or it must be supplemented with an extensive summary in English (about 50 pages).
  • Successful candidates obtain both the diploma of the Home University and the diploma of the Partner University.

Website dedicated to the double degree studies:


Studies on a bilateral agreement

  • The Home University is the University of Ljubljana. As the Partner University, any foreign university may be chosen with which the Faculty or the University of Ljubljana has signed a bilateral agreement.
  • The selection of applicants for admission is made by the Faculty's Postgraduate Studies Committee. 
  • Double supervision is only used in interdisciplinary cases.
  • The expected language of the dissertation is Slovenian, with a summary in English (at least 10 % of the text). If it is written in another language, it must be supplemented with Introduction, Conclusions and a summary in Slovenian (altogether at least 10 % of the text).
  • Successful candidates obtain the diploma of the University of Ljubljana.

Obligations at the Partner University

30 credit points (ECTS) must be obtained outside Slovenia. The student should live at the location of the Partner University for at least seven weeks and obtain at least 15 CP. The remaining 15 CP may be obtained at the same or another University, depending on the student's research plan. Procedures at the Partner University follow the rules of that University.



  1st semester
    • Comparative research methodology in social work and social policy (10 CP)  syllabus
    • Optional course 1 (5 CP)
    • SIRT I (15 CP)
  2nd semester
    • Theories of social work and social policy: international perspective (10 CP)  syllabus
    • SIRT II (20 CP)

  3rd semester
    • Comparative perspective in the field of diversity studies in social work (10 CP)  syllabus
    • Elective course (5 CT)
    • SIRT III (15 CT)
  4th semester
    • SIRT IV (30 CT)

  5th semester
    • SIRT V (30 CT)
  6th semester
    • SIRT VI (10 CT)
    • Preparation and public defense of the doctoral dissertation (20 CT)


Supervised individual research tasks (SIRT)

  • SIRT I – first doctoral seminar
  • SIRT II – research for dissertation, field work, holding seminars and consultations, active participation in other candidates' doctoral seminars, etc.
  • SIRT III – same as SIRT II
  • SIRT IV – research and academic work done at the Partner University
  • SIRT V – second doctoral seminar
  • SIRT VI – academic paper (or equivalent)


Optional and elective courses

• As a rule, the optional course is chosen at the Home University and the elective at the Partner University.
• The supervisor must agree to both choices.
• The student may gain up to 5 CT from a single optional or elective course. The maximum sum of credit points that may be collected from optional and elective courses is 10.
• The list of optional courses offered by the Faculty of Social Work is published in June for the next academic year. Partner Universities offer optional courses on their own respective terms.


List of optional / elective courses at the Faculty