Eligibilty and admission

Eligible applicants are those who have completed a second degree programme (or equivalent) in social work or, exceptionally, in another discipline. To fully ascertain his or her eligibility, the applicant is advised to contact the Student Office.

It is mandatory that the applicant first consults the proposed supervisor nad gains his or her consent to supervision.

Application form for the double degree studies
Application form for the studies on a bilateral agreement

The chosen application form must be enclosed with:
1. Passport copy
2. CV, including bibliography
3. Copy of English language proficiency certificate, unless it is the applicant's mother tongue, and copies of other language proficiency certificates, if owned
4. Copy of degree certificates with supplements (translated, if necessary)
5. Letter of interest, explaining clearly the applicant's academic and personal reasons to apply
6. Recommendation letter from a professor who knows the applicant (optional)
7. Research proposal outline (up to 4 pages)

At the application stage, these documents serve informative purposes. At registration, items 3 and 4 will have to be certified copies and item 6 the original. Copies of documents issued by the University of Ljubljana need not be certified.

Certificates, diplomas and other qualifications issued outside Slovenia (except those issued in former Yugoslavia and the IB Diploma) have to undergo recognition. For the procedure please see this website of the University or contact the Student Office.

Limited admission

Annual admission to the first year of the studies is limited to 10 students (up to 5 for the double degree studies).

Admission procedure and deadlines

The deadline for applications is 30 June (as per postmark).

Applicants should fill the application form in all relevant sections and send it by post, together with the required enclosures, to:

Faculty of Social Work
Postgraduate Studies Officer
Topniška 31
1000 Ljubljana

In addition, the application form and all the enclosures have to be sent as PDF files attached to an email message (for details, please see the application form).

Eligible applicants will be interviewed. They will be advised of the final selection within two weeks after the interview (31 August at the latest). Registration at the University of Ljubljana will close by 30 September at the latest.

More details are available from

Ms Neda Bezjak, Postgraduate Studies Officer
phone +386 1 2809258