Chair of Social Justice and Inclusion

Head of chair: Darja Zaviršek ...


The Chair of Social Justice and Inclusion teaches, develops and explores the theories, methods and practice of social work based on the concepts of social justice, inclusion and anti-discrimination. Social work as a specific way of thinking and working with people integrates and contextualises knowledge in the field of social policy that is seen as the ways in which the state regulates the social sphere. The chair gives special attention to three core areas: social work with women, children and gender equality, social work in the field of people with disabilities (disability studies) and ethnically competent social work for members of various ethnic communities. The chair teaches the fundamental ethical principles of social work and aims to ensure that the students become aware of, understand and internalise the global ethical principles of social work during their studies, are able to understand the many ethical dilemmas in social work and social policy, and are able to take into account the specific characteristics of the social and political contexts in which social work is practiced.