Call for enrolment

Information day:  22  May 2024, classroom nr. 6 , Faculty of social work

Deadlines for application to the Call and enrolment

In accordance with the instructions in the joint part of the Call, enrolment candidates can apply via the eVŠ application within two application deadlines:

- 1st deadline: 7 June 2024 (included) for citizens of Slovenia, EU and citizens outside EU

2nd deadline: from 17 June 2024 to 19 August 2024 (only for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and citizens of EU Member States).

The second deadline will be issued if places remain available after the first deadline closes.

Application for enrolment

Candidates must complete and submit by the stated application deadlines their application for enrolment in the doctoral programme and all required evidence electronically via the eVŠ information system.

The website also contains detailed instructions on how to complete the application form: applications for enrolment in the electronic application (see How to fill in an application for 2nd and 3rd cycle study programmes).

The foreign certificates of education which will be submitted via the eVŠ together with all the required evidence and supporting material will automatically undergo the process of recognition of foreign educational qualifications for the purpose of further education at the University of Ljubljana. Information on education recognition procedures can be found on the following websites:

Contacts and addresses for candidate support in completing the application for enrolment:

At the first level support is provided to applicants via the EKC (Single Contact Centre of the state administration):

- Resolving technical issues related to accessing the SI-PASS system

- Contact information: 080 2002, email:

– office hours: every working day from 8.00 do 22.00

The next level of support for applicants comes through the ŠOS (Student Organisation of Slovenia):

- Resolving substantive issues, offering assistance to international students with attachments, etc.

- Contact information: 064 179 197, email:

The third level of support for applicants is provided by the MVZI (Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation):

- Contact information: 01/ 478 46 59, email: 

For content-related questions in relation to the Call for Enrolment please contact: Neda Bezjak

Contact regarding the recognition procedure of the foreign education

Supplemental documents

Evidence of meeting the admission requirements is considered to be scanned documents or photographs of original certificates and other required documents and supporting material. Candidates will be notified of any requirement to supplement their applications via the e-mail address they provided in their application on the eVŠ portal.

Please follow the relevant instructions and make sure that you enclose all the relevant documentation to your application (Supplemental documents). Instructions how to submit Supplemental documents.

Supplemental documents are:

Outline should inculde: title; comprehensive literature review as a basis for the scientific relevance of the proposed research; the research question(s) derived from the review of literature or/and thesis/ hypothesis; description of the research methodology, research methods and structure of the thesis; argumentation of the original contribution of the thesis to the selected scientific field; list of sources;

The required documents in the process of recognition of foreign education are:

  1. Scan/photo of the Bachelor diploma (scan all the pages of the document)
  2. Scan/photo of the Master diploma (scan all the pages of the document)
  3. Scan/photo of the Bachelor's diploma supplement, transcript of records or other relevant document in evidence of content and duration of education
  4. Scan/photo of the Master's diploma supplement, transcript of records or other relevant document in evidence of content and duration of education
  5. Scan/photo of chronological description of the completed education (prepared and signed by the candidate)
  6. Candidates can attach to their application a scan or photograph of a personal identity document with their written consent on the eVŠ web portal as follows:
  • citizens of EU Member States: personal ID or passport (page showing the candidate’s personal data, including name, surname, date and place of birth and citizenship),
  • foreign citizens of non-EU Member States: passport (page showing the candidate’s personal data, including name, surname, date and place of birth and citizenship).

By enclosing this document, you agree that the higher ed ucation institution can use it for the purpose of enrolment procedures and must delete it after the completion of these procedures. Only the necessary identific ation data should be visible on the sent document. Hide the data that are not re quired for identification (eg ID, signature, and photograph) with a photo proces sing program (eg Painter, Power Point, any other program or application on your smartphone) and make scan with a watermark that clearly states that it is a copy and for what purpose it is used.

Enrolment deadlines:

Enrolment will be completed by 30 September 2024.

Tuition fees and other costs 

The selected students sign a learning agreement and pay the first-year tuition fee. Students pay the tuition for the second,  third and fourth year when they advance to the next year. Tuition fee must be paid in upon enrolment at the faculty. The tuition fee does not include the mandatory health insurance. This must be settled before the start of study.Tuition fees and other costs of enrolment into doctoral study programmes at the University of Ljubljana are published in the Services Price List for Students

Tuition fee: 10.600,00 €

1st year: 3.400 €, 2nd year: 2.600 €, 3rd year: 2.200 € and 4th year:  2.400 €.