Printed editions

Darja Zaviršek, Birgit Rommelspacher, Silvia Staub-Bernasconi (Eds.)
Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work
Ljubljana: Faculty of Social Work, 2010. – 212 pages.
ISBN 978-961-6569-32-3

Ethical Dilemmas

The book addresses some of the most pertinent aspects of social work ethics and their application in practice, management and research. The approach is truly international, because one of the the central themes is the tension between universal ethics and their application in specific historical and cultural contexts. The book provides an excellent resourse for teaching as well as provocative reading for those who are interested in social work ethics and willing to entertain differing, occasionally conflicting, perspectives.

Vesna Leskošek (Ed.)
Theories And Methods of Social Work
Ljubljana: Faculty of Social Work, 2009. – 200 pages.
ISBN 978-961-6569-28-6

Theories abd Methods

The book is divided into three parts. The first part includes chapters on the theoretical, methodological, and historical development of social work since such pioneers as Mary Richmond, Jane Adams and Ilse Arlt. The second part addresses globalisation and focuses on neo-liberal and free market ideologies, which have a devastating impact on the social position of citizens. The third part includes case studies and presents research results. The key question is how to ensure active participation and in turn enhance users' physical and mental health as well as boost social capital.

Shulamit Ramon & Darja Zaviršek (Eds.)
Critical Edge Issues in Social Work and Social Policy
Ljubljana: Faculty of Social Work, 2009. – 240 pages.
ISBN 978-961-6569-27-9

Critical Edge Issues

The book offers the perfect entry point into the complex world of social work theory and methodology. It questions oppressive social structures which perpetuate classism, sexism, racism, patriarchy, ageism, and post-imperialism, and is focused upon the need of their transformational change. In this sense, the book gives the readers different perspectives and also allows them to draw some conclusions of their own.

Web edition

Darja Zaviršek, Jelka Zorn, Liljana Rihter, Simona Žnidarec Demšar (Eds.)
Ethnicity in Eastern Europe: A Challenge for Social Work Education
Ljubljana: Faculty of Social Work, 2007. – 276 pages
ISBN 978-961-6569-09-5

Ethnicity in Eastern Europe

This collective book is a result of the Ethnicity in Social Work Education conference that took place at the Faculty of Social Work in December 2006. During this international event as well as in the book, the authors take a look at certain issues pertaining to ethnically sensitive social work education and research in Europe. The states of former Yugoslavia are the main territorial focus, whereas the main emphasis regarding theoretical concepts are ethnicity and racism, culture, civil society, gender, and mental health in their relation to social work, education, and welfare systems.