Social work is a practical profession, and studying it leads to first-hand experience in one or more of over 250 organisations, with one or more of over 350 practice supervisors. Students spend many hours studying practice at work.

Practice is in many ways the foundation of our study. Its aims and objectives can be listed as follows:

  • Acquiring experience about the living conditions of people, the role of experts, the contradictions of everyday life, self-help processes and initiatives, and work situations.
  • Getting to know about social and ethical issues, service tasks, legal frameworks and the general scope of possibilities.
  • Learning skills in observation and recording, in the particular field of practice and in evaluation.
  • Integrating knowledge and experience and building a personal style.

In the first two years of study practice takes the form of voluntary work, and in the last two years it is carried out in project groups. Students work with children, lonely people, prisoners on day release, they participate in youth workshops, camps, self-help groups, activities in old people's homes, they collaborate with societies of disabled people and users' organisations, and much more.

Practical study is academically supervised by the Faculty. The placement and placement supervision are arranged by the coordinator.