Master programme

Social Work

1.1 Type of qualification: second cycle: masters study programme

1.2 Programme duration: 1 year

1.3 Number of credits (ECTS):  60 ECTS

1.4. Modules:

  1. Long-term care for older people
  2. Psychosocial support and help
  3. Social justice and radical perspectives in social work
  4. Community care
  5. Social Work in Education

At the enrolment the student chooses only one module.

2. Mode of study: full-time

3. The basic programme goals and competences achieved by the programme

  1. To enable students to get to know basic values, concepts, mandates, methods and theories of social work on the field of education.
  2. To enable students to get to know basic skills, methods and procedures of social work and to be able to independently counsel in education, resaerch work in social work.
  3. To enable students, through engaged cooperation in an action project, to create practical integration and/or synthesis of concepts, methods, skills and ethnic treatment.

The master programme graduates will be able to do research of, organise, analyse, co-create solutions and develop innovative approaches in processes of learning, support, counselling or/and helping people in distresss in a unique social work way, different from appoaches of other profiles dealing with distressed people. As team members or indepenently, they will be qualified to work as school counsellers in educational institutions, from kindergartens to educational institutions for adults.