Current projects

01.01.2024 - In-Touch: Implementation of a person-centered palliative care iNtervention To imprOve comfort, QUality of Life and social engagement of people with advanced dementia in care Homes01.11.2023 - Urban Age Ethics and Social Inclusion - URGE01.11.2023 - A quality assurance implementation protocol for family support services in Europe. An evidence-based and culturally informed model for professional practice01.10.2023 - Linguistic Accessibility of Social Assistance Rights in Slovenia01.10.2023 - Systems of care and education of children with sensory disabilities in the former Yugoslavija 1919-199101.10.2023 - Transformation of secure units into community services for adults and childen with disabilities01.10.2023 - One-parent families in Slovenia: risks and opportunities in the field of tension between social policy, social norms and professional practises01.04.2023 - Support for the implementation of the pilot project of social work centre Gorenjska "Mobile Service for Supporting Families facing Multiple Challenges", part 201.03.2023 - Vseživljenjsko učenje, trajnostni razvoj in dolgoživa družba: razvoj učnih vsebin, strategij, evalvacije in sistema mikrodokazil za starejše študente01.09.2022 - Learning and Innovation Network - LINK01.01.2022 - Social psychology and sociology of everyday life05.10.2020 - Multi - Sectoral Responses to Child Abuse and Neglect in Europe: Incidence and Trends - EURO-CAN01.10.2020 - Applying Sustainability Transition Research in Social Work tackling Major Societal Challenge of Social Inclusion - ASTRA01.09.2020 - Long-term care for people with dementia in social work and practice01.09.2020 - SOCIAL WORK AS A SOCIAL APPARATUS OF SOLIDARITY: SELECTED PROBLEMS IN AN HISTORIC AND EXPERIENTAL OPTICS01.01.2018 - Socialno delo kot nosilec procesov družbenega vključevanje in socialne pravičnosti v Sloveniji – teoretske podlage, metodološke in metodične usmeritve in zgodovinski razvoj