Establishment of Social Work Study at the University of Colombo


All photographs have been shot on the southern coast of Sri Lanka in January, February, and August 2005.

Commemorative ceremonies a month after the tsunami

The tsunami struck on the day of the full moon - a Buddhist holiday (called poya day).

Some visible consequences of the tsunami

Devastation was enormous and its presentations can never be adequate.

Commemorative ceremonies two months after the tsunami

Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka function as community centres.

Scenes from a visited village

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Most people lost at least one relative. Work for income stopped.

A group of students and teachers from the University of Colombo and the University of Ljubljana

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A mixture of practical study, cultural activities, and daily companionship.

Some educational scenes from a temple

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Buddhists, too, believe in hell, but abiding there is only temporary, until the next reincarnation gives us a new opportunity.

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