Evaluation of the project and project activities and formulation of a proposal for systemic solutions for the vocational rehabilitation

Code: 0790-1/2020-486

Beginning: 01.09.2020

End: 31.10.2022

Leader: doc.dr. Lilijana Rihter (za FSD)


as. dr. Tamara Rape Žiberna


As part of the project, a methodology for the evaluation of project activities and especially for the verification of the model of implementing vocational rehabilitation in practice, will be prepared. The methodology is based on a model of complex evaluation, with the help of which data on the population of all involved in the project "Early vocational and employment rehabilitation in the process of returning to work" will be obtained to assess the sources, procedures, goals and (un)intended effects of the project. Special attention will be paid to the evaluation of one of the key activities of the project (Pilot testing of the model proposal in practice) and pre-planned project objectives (assessment of the state of vocational rehabilitation and comparative study of European countries; legal changes, raising awareness and information of policy holders, employers and the professional public). Based on the prepared methodology, an evaluation will be carried out at the end of the project, with the help of which we will assess whether and to what extent the goals have been achieved and what are the actual effects of the early vocational rehabilitation model for all stakeholders involved.