Psychology for social work

Degree: 1
Year: 1
Study program: Social work

Holder: Alenka Gril
Collaborator(s): Mojca Šeme


Subject content:

Person and social context: psychological characteristics of individual functioning in interpersonal relationships, and social groups; bio-psycho-social factors of individual development and social-psychological processes of interpersonal and intergroup behavior; theories of developmental and social psychology. Subject-fields, cosidered from developmental psychological perspective: emotion and social behaviour – prosocial and aggresion, temperament and personality, social perception and social cognition: understanding of self, others, and social groups, causal attribution, social identity, prejudice, racism; developmental contexts: family (attachment, parental style) and peers (friends, peer gorups, conformity, social influence), society (cultural norms ideology, intergroup behavior, crowd psychology).Relations between psychology and social work. Selected topics from social and family psychology: recognition of self and the other, communication, life-world, prejudices and stigmatisation, imagination, patterns in family relationships.