Social Theories

Degree: 1
Year: 1
Study program: Social work

Holder: Srečo Dragoš
Collaborator(s): Ana Kralj


Subject content:

General aims: Understanding the origins and purpose of theoretical explanations which focus on problems of social action, structure and social transformations; developing a sensitivity to controversies triggered by different ways of recording, giving a meaning to and rejecting within individual theoretical approaches; illustrating the relativity of the perception of social facts to a reflection on concrete social processes and examples of sociological research.
Specific aims: a systematic reflection of the key theoretical quandary in an understanding of contemporary societies where sociology also does not have satisfactory and final answers; namely, how to establish, maintain and direct the organised complexity of contemporary social structures. In this regard, to understand the meaning of the procedures and activities practiced by individual and collective actors, what is the role of structure in these activities, what is the importance of resource