Introduction to the Law for Social Work

Degree: 1
Year: 1
Study program: Social work

Holder: Barbara Novak
Collaborator(s): Gregor Dugar


Subject content:

Students acquire a basic knowledge of law for work in social work: they acquire the knowledge they need to understand the legal order through the prism of human rights in the social field; they acquire an overview of the legal order in different fields of relevance for social work, with the emphasis on legislation governing the relationships between members of the family as the basic cell of society. Students become acquainted with family member rights, and with the basic mechanisms for their legal protection.
Subject-specific competencies:

  • knowledge and ability to use the contributions of fields of relevance for social work (sociology, psychology, anthropology, pedagogy, different legal fields etc.);
  • understanding the work of institutions and the improvement of institutional practices in specific fields of social work; and
  • the ability to maintain and advocate the professional autonomy of social work in dialogue with different actors, institutions and the public.

Skills and knowledge which enable access to important sources and means, along with the use of networks in particular social work fields.