Community Social Work

Degree: 1
Year: 4
Study program: Social work

Holder: Srečo Dragoš
Collaborator(s): Vera Grebenc


Subject content:


  1. The main aim is to train students for work in community development, advocacy and social action, for their participation in the processes of social planning, and community programmes and planning of services.
  2. Students acquire knowledge about the contemporary community transformation and revitalisation processes, and develop a sensitivity to difference and social inequalities in the community.
  3. The aim of the subject is for students to acquire knowledge and skills for community research, and for assessing needs, problems and interests; for project-oriented work in local communities and in communities of common interest; for enabling and facilitating access to resources, and for the creation of new rights and services; for the development of dialogue and a working relationship with the community with the emphasis on community participation and empowerment.