Degree: 1
Year: 2
Study program: Social work

Holder: Aleš Žiberna
Collaborator(s): Tamara Rape Žiberna


Subject content:


The basics of quantitative data arrangement and analysis

  • Basic terms: statistics, population, sample, distributions
  • Quantitative data arrangement and presentation.
  • Relative figures: structures, coefficients, indexes.
  • Mean value measurements: modus, median, arithmetic mean.
  • Dispersion measurements: range, quartile range, average absolute deviation, variance and standard deviation.


  • Normal distribution: normed deviation, areas under the normal curve, applications
  • Other theoretical distributions (t, F, Hi-square).

Correlation and regression:

  • Association and dependence
  • Functional and statistical relationship
  • Association, correlation and regression: covariance, Pearson's coefficient of a linear correlation, Spearman's coefficient of a rank correlation., regression coefficient


Basics of inferential statistics

  • Basic terms: sample, random variable, sample distribution, standard error
  • Estimation of parameters
  • Testing of hypotheses about differences between parameters.
  • Non-parameter tests (chi-square test).

Brief description of more complex statistical methods (some possible exampels)

  • Analysis of variance
  • Multiple regression analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Clustering