Social Movements and Global Inequalities

Degree: 1
Year: 2
Study program: Social work

Holder: Jelka Zorn
Collaborator(s): Vesna Leskošek


Subject content:

The content is focused on contribution of social movements to social change. The aim is to present social movements in different political systems and through the history and their impact on social work. We will focus particularly on labour movement, womens movement, civil rights movement, movement fort he rights of disabled persons, movement of the sexual minorities and other anti-authoritarian movements and movements in the field of poverty and social inequality. The content: -theoires and contexts of social movements, -collective actions, -mobilisation and resources of social movements, -dynamic, organisation and operation of social movements, -networks and participation, -ideologies and discursiove fields, -cultural and political contexts, - meaning of speace (squat, authonomy, self-organization) -globalisation and corporations, -poverty and inequality,  overcomming of structural oppression, -social justice, equality and solidarity.