Community Mental Health Organisation

Degree: 1
Year: 4
Study program: Social work

Holder: Vera Grebenc
Collaborator(s): Juš Škraban


Subject content:

Community mental health policies. Legislation and mental health. Human rights and mental health. Inclusion into the community. The development and problems of deinstitutionalisation. Project organisation. Teamwork in mental health. Promoting innovation and creativity in solutions for personal and organisational problems and distress. Residential groups: structural solutions, organisational problems, methods of work. Clubs, day centres and user meeting points. Looking for and providing paid work. User education and professional training. Quality spending of one’s free time. Community mental health centres. Crisis centres. Community mental health teams. Advocacy. Advocacy work in Slovenia. Function and processes of self-help. The role of experts in self-help. How self-help groups are organised. Users' organisation – political activity. Active participation in media representation.