Work with People in Mental Crises

Degree: 1
Year: 3
Study program: Social work

Holder: Mojca Urek
Collaborator(s): Juš Škraban


Subject content:

Social theory on crisis. Stress, life events and crises. Characteristics and course of a psychotic crisis. Early signs and prevention of crises. Hearing voices. Alternative views on hearing voices and innovative practices with voice hearers. Maastricht's interview. Suicides. Forms of overcoming the crisis (hospital, crisis resolution at person's home, crisis teams, crisis centres).The necessary ingredients of an interpersonal relationship in work with people suffering a crisis. Recovery: concept, priciples, and recovery plan. Contractual power in the time of acute crisis. (Self)-advocacy and crisis: crisis cards, advance directives (living will). Hospitalisation. . Advocacy in closed psychiatry wards. How the close ones experiences life with person suffering a mental crisis. Family strategies: adaptation and transformation. The family’s role in the study of new crises and the development of independence. The principles of co-operation between experts and the family. Risk analysis: principles, procedure, execution.