German – Slovene symposium, The role of the law in social work education


V petek, 12. 10. 2018 je na Fakulteti za socialno delo potekal simpozij o vlogi prava v izobraževanju za socialno delo, ki ga je fakulteta organizira v sodelovanju z organizacijo BAGHR - Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Hochschullehrerinnen und Hochschullehrer des Rechts an Fachhochschulen/Fachbereichen des Sozialwesens in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Book of abstracts


German – Slovene symposium

Friday, October, 12th

09:30        Welcoming words and introduction

                 -Prof. Dr. Vesna Leskošek,

                 -Prof. Dr. Renate Oxenknecht-Witzsch, BAGHR, KU-Eichstätt

                 -Prof. Dr. Helga Oberloskamp, TH Köln                       

09.45        Principle of social justice and the welfare state – Realisation by the Code of Social Law PPT

                 Prof. Dr. Heinz Peter Moritz, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

10.00        Social Security Network in Germany  - how it works             

                 Prof. Dr. Helga Spindler, University Duisburg-Essen

10.15        Gender Pricing in Germany – The Cost of Being a Female Consumer

                 Prof. Dr. Maria Wersig, University of Applied Sciences Dortmund

10.40        Main streamlines in the social rights' praxis of the Slovene Constitutional Court? PPT

                 Prof. Dr. Rajko Knez, Judge of the Slovene Constitutional Court

11.00        Coffee break and Snacks

11.20        Long Way to Long-term Care Legislation in Slovenia PDF

                 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jana Mali, University of Ljubljana

11. 40       Domestic Violence Legislation and the Implications for Women PPT

                 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mojca Urek, University of Ljubljana

12.00        Punishment and prisons since 1950 till today

                  Prof. Dr. Dragan Petrovec, University of Ljubljana, Institute of Criminology ot the Faculty of Law

12.20        Final Discussion

12.45        Lunch Break

14.00        Practice in social work in Slovenia        

                  - Social Work with families and children

                  - Social Work in public health system

                  - Social Work with delinquent people

                   Prof. Dr. Vesna Leskošek

14.45       Presentation of the faculty and the curriculum

15.30        Discussion and exchange of experience








Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Hochschullehrerinnen und
Hochschullehrer des Rechts an Fachhochschulen/Fachbereichen
des Sozialwesens in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

The Federal Association of Professors of Law in Germany (German abbreviation: „BAGHR“), founded in 1970, combines the law professors teaching in Germany´s Faculties of Social Welfare.  There are about 75 Faculties of social work in Germany. The Association has about 130 members and has juristic personality as an incorporated society, § 20ff BGB (German Civil Code). There is a management board of three persons, presently with a chairwoman.

The aims of the Association are, i, a.,  the promotion and the development of teaching legal sciences within the Universities of Applied Sciences.

In at least three conferences per year the Association discusses questions of legal developments, of legal policy and of relevant new court decisions. The Association developed a curriculum on “Law as part of social work in German Welfare Faculties”.

About every two years conferences in foreign countries comparing law concerning social work are organized, giving colleagues an opportunity to exchange views on new developments and challenges in the field of social welfare law.