Bogdan Lešnik, PhD, Associate Professor

room no.: zgoraj / upstairs
telephone: + 386 (0)1 2809253
work sphere: Archaeology of everyday life
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Bogdan Lešnik has conceived the field of 'archaeology of everyday life' on the basis of his subspecialities, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and group analysis. Psychoanalysis makes inferences from 'scraps of observation' - from what was rejected by researchers because it did not fit their idea or theory about the object of research. As with the archaeological method, the researcher rummages through residues that have remained unintegrated into scientific treatment and are therefore highly significant, since they represent another, 'repressed' thruth of the object of research.

Everyday life is Bogdan Lešnik's primary field of research. He founded and for ten years directed a graduate programme of anthropology of everyday life at another higher education institution.

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