Help for the Dying and Their Relatives

Degree: 1
Year: 3
Study program: Social work

Holder: Jana Mali
Collaborator(s): Anamarija Kejžar


Subject content:

Society's influence on the formation of the relationship to death.

Death as part of the cultural context.
Theory of losses, and phases of dying.

Characteristics of interactions related to death and dying (in the family, among professionals and relatives).

The role of different professionals in interdisciplinary team with an emphasis on social work.

Holistic care for the dying.

Communication with the dying

Help for the mourning

Forms of help for professionals in the field of work with the dying and their relatives
Services which offer help to the dying, their relatives and the grieving (hospices, palliative hospital departments, self-help groups for the grieving).

The euthanasia and related questions of ethic in social work

Help fort he dying in the long-term care system