Practicum II

Degree: 1
Year: 2
Study program: Social work

Holder: Milko Poštrak
Collaborator(s): Marko Mesec, Tamara Rape Žiberna, Petra Videmšek


Subject content:
  • The planning and execution of a project or a small innovation (the work of action project groups).
  • Team work and work with groups.
  • Methods of needs research in the community (rapid needs assessment etc.).
  • Outreach in public or institutional spaces.
  • Fundraising strategies.
  • Strategies of forming alliances (at the organisational and personal levels).
  • Advocacy and public advocacy.
  • User empowerment.
  • Provision of user influence in the entire process of the social security service (from the first contact to the last service evaluation of the user).
  • Strategies of service planning.
  • Mediation, negotiation.
  • Use of legal knowledge in resolving people's specific problems.
  • Communication in the community and in organisational contexts.
  • Assessment of obstacles in the community, the organisation and/or social system for people with special needs.
  • Sensitivity to occurrences of social inequality and exclusion (at the systemic level, legislative level, level of everyday life).
  • Intervision methods and techniques.