Social Procedural Law

Degree: 1
Year: 3
Study program: Social work

Holder: Grega Strban
Collaborator(s): Sara Bagari


Subject content:

Knowledge and understanding different procedures for the assertion of social rights and the system of judicial protection in different fields of social work with an emphasis on the general and specific administrative procedure, and administrative and social disputes.

  • knowledge and ability to use the contributions of the fields of relevance for social work (sociology, psychology, anthropology, pedagogy, different legal fields etc.);
  • understanding the work of institutions and the improvement of institutional practices in specific fields of social work;
  • the ability to maintain and advocate the professional autonomy of social work in dialogue with different actors, institutions and the public; and
  • skills and knowledge to provide access to important sources and means, and the use of networks in particular fields of social work.

Knowledge and skills of managing administrative procedures with the aim of providing the formal legality of decisions on social rights.