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Pri vsaki partnerski univerzi številka v oklepaju pomeni, koliko študentk se lahko prijavi nanjo s FSD.

Spletna brošura o Erasmus izmenjavah


Če želite študirati v Avstriji, morate znati nemško. Izjemi sta Dornbirn (pri švicarski meji; tam v drugem semestru ponujajo predavanja v angleščini za 30 kreditnih točk) in Dunaj.

  • Dunaj: FH-Campus Wien info (2 štud.) Practicalities Predmetnik Poročilo Poročilo2 Poročilo Poročilo
  • Feldkirchen: Fachhochschule Kärnten info (3 štud.) Practicalities
  • Gradec: FH Joanneum info (1 štud.) Poročilo "We only have a very limited number of courses taught in English. In the winter term those are: Social Work Issues and Autonomous Learning (1. semester), 3 ECTS points; International and Intercultural Social Work (1. semester), 2 ECTS points; Development work (3rd semester), 2 ECTS points; Social Work Issues 2 (3rd semester), 2 ECTS points; Practice-oriented Skills (3rd semester), 3 ECTS points. In the summer term, we have 2 courses both in the 4th semester: Social Work in European Context (excursion), 3 ECTS points + International Social Work Systems, 2 ECTS points. All the other courses are taught in German. The link to the curriculum can be found here: Curriculum » Soziale Arbeit ( Regarding accommodation: we expect students to book their accommodation by themselves. We cooperate with one of the largest housing providers in Graz, OEAD housing, and recommend incoming students to apply for housing there. You can find further information here: Preparations » FH JOANNEUM ( kWe have a list of approximate expenses that incoming students may use for reference: Accommodation: 300-500 Euro/month. Food: 300 Euro/month. Student union fee: 22 Euro/semester. Public transport: 162 Euro/semester. Miscellaneous: 250 Euro/month. Total: 900-1100 Euro/month"
  • Innsbruck: MCI Management Center Innsbruck info (2 štud.) Brošura Practicalities
  • Linz: FH OO Studienbetriebs GhbM info (2 štud.) "Via the following link students can find two files with list of courses for winter and summer semesters. Most of the courses don’t change, but some offers may be canceled and new appear. In Steyr campus we provide all courses. I can tell only for Steyr campus, but we don’t have any housing provided by the university. From the side of International office, we always share contacts and links of different accommodations to help students find comfortable place for them to live, but all negotiations are on the student’s side."
  • St. Pölten: Fachhochschule St. Pölten info (1 štud.) Practicalities Poročilo
  • Dornbirn: Fachhochschule Vorarelberg GmbH info (2 štud.) V drugem semestru predavanja v angleščini: Practicalities Poročilo Poročilo Courses Bachelor Social Work – summer semester: The International Office organizes accommodation for exchange students. We gurantee a room for every exchange student who apply within the application deadline. Please find all information on our webpage: Please note that due to heavily increased electricity and heating costs, we expect accommodation prices to rise for the academic year 2023/24. The current price are only valid for the academic year 2022/23. Housing is quite expensive in Vorarlberg. Students need to calculate between 400-600€ per month for accommodation. Information concerning general costs of living is available on our website:



Šola v Gentu velja za eno boljših v Belgiji (za domače študente, za tuje je kvečjemu povprečna). Tudi največ študentov je v tem izjemno lepem mestu, družbe vam ne bo manjkalo, čeprav je mednarodnih študentov socialnega dela bolj malo. Kortrijk ponuja kakovosten študij, a je mesto majhno. Antwerpen je velikansko pristaniško mesto, tam priporočamo Karla Velikega.



  • Lyon: Ecole Sante Social Sud-Est info (1 štud.) V prvem semestru so predmeti v angleščini! Practicalities Plaquette Info "Please note that our proposal is based on a fixed topic (Contemporary changes in family structures: new challenges for future social workers), so students won’t have much choice in terms of courses, although the contents of this programme is quite diverse. We are glad to confirm that we can provide access to university residence to all students interested for a monthly rent of approx 250€. We would be very glad to host some of your students in Lyon next autumn (this programme only runs in autumn, from september till january)."



Študij je praviloma soliden. Največkrat je potrebno znanje nemščine, vendar pa lahko v nekaterih mestih študirate tudi samo v angleščini: Berlin, Bochum, Frankfurt, Hildesheim, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden.

  • Berlin: Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin info (2 štud.) Practicalities Brošura Poročilo prvi 2016-17 2 Poročilo prvi 2017-18 Poročilo 18-19 Poročilo 2019 Poročilo2020 Poročilo 2021 "You can find the ECTS and course manual of all English-taught courses that might be offered during summer term 2023. Please note that this manual is only valid for summer term 2023 as this study programme started in a new version in summer term 2022 and will replace the old version semester by semester. The exact English (and Spanish) courses may be subject to change every semester, but we guarantee that courses worth at least 30 ECTS will be offered every semester. Usually, the International Curriculum consists of approx. 10-15 courses (e.g. "International Social Work", "Racism and Migration" or "Social Work Practice Methods"). For the time being, we ask all students to choose courses from the attached ECTS and course manual in order to prepare their Learning Agreement. Please note that the exact course details will only be published 2-3 weeks before the start of the semester. You can find an overview of all courses (and their descriptions) that were offered in the past semesters on our website. Regarding accommodation, we have a very small contingent of student dorm rooms that students can apply for in their online application. There are always at least two or three times as many applications than we have rooms, so we cannot guarantee that the student's application can be considered. We can also not help with individual flat search. We have, however, collected tips for the apartment search in Berlin on our website. At the moment, the price range for the student dorms is between 457 and 522 EUR, rooms in private shared apartments are somewhere between 400 and 700 EUR by now." (Dec 2022)
  • Bochum: Evangelische Fachhochschule Rheinland - Westfalen - Lippe info (1 štud.) V drugem semestru ponujajo predmete v angleščini za 30 ECTS: Practicalities Program Reklama "We offer our International Study Programme in English language only in the spring semester. All information on the ISP can be found here: The course list for spring 2023 is there and also in the attachment. German speaking students are welcome for both semesters and can choose from all regular modules: We assist incoming students to find accommodation, mainly with the local housing agency AKAFOE: The price for a room depends on the students’ dorm and is usually between 280 € and 380 €."
  • Düsseldorf: University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf info (4 štud.). Predavanja v angleščini! "For Social Work we have the same plan as last years, you can find it online here: It may happen that a course title changes, but the module code and learning outcomes will be the same. We are planning summer semester 2023, if any student is interested."  Practicalities Brošura Poročilo "Regarding your question on the accommodation, I can inform you that we only have a limited number of rooms reserved in the dormitory for exchange students. The rent ranges from 300 €-400 € per month, depending on the type of room. Unfortunately not all students who apply on time can be considered and many exchange students need to search for accommodation on the private market. We provide help by offering information material (see attachment), an online information session on how to search for accommodation before their arrival and we try to organize private room offers from the community of our students and staff members".
  • Erfurt: Fachhochschule Erfurt info (1 štud.) Practicalities
  • Frankfurt/Main info (3 štud.) predmeti v angleščini! Practicalities Poročilo Poročilo Poročilo "The list of courses offered in English can be found on the website of our International Office: - the same courses are offered each semester. I have included a list of course descriptions for the courses offered, including the course “Interdisciplinary General Studies”, which isn’t strictly a social work course but it part of all Bachelor degree programs at the Frankfurt UAS and frequently offers course options in English on varying topics. We are hoping to add 1-2 more courses (5-10 ECTS) in English in social work in 2023/24. Housing: Yes, our International Office assists students with finding housing. Costs generally vary between 480-700€ per month. There are also some spots for incoming international students in student apartment complexes available, which cost significantly less, but only 25% of incoming students are able to be placed here, so there is unfortunately no guarantee."
  • Freiburg info (2 štud.) Practicalities Podatki V prvem semestru ponujajo predmete v angleščini, v drugem v nemščini. Namestitev zagotovljena.
  • Hannover: Hochscule Hannover Brošura Predstavitev Video
  • Hildesheim: FH Hildesheim/Holzminden/Goettingen info (2 štud.) Practicalities Izkušnje iz prve roke v priponki. Foto1Foto2Foto3Foto4Foto5 Poročilo iz prve roke Poročilo Študij je manj zahteven kot na FSD Poročilo 2018
  • Kassel: University of Kassel, Institute of Social Work and Social Welfare info (2 štud.) Practicalities Brošura V nasprotju z drugimi nemškimi partnerskimi ustanovami, ki so visoke šole (Hochschule), je to prava univerza, zato je načelno bolj kompatibilna z Univerzo v Ljubljani. Socialno delo lahko v Kasslu študirate v angleščini.
  • Köln: Fachhochschule Köln info (1 štud.) Practicalities
  • Landshut: Hochschule Landshut info (1 štud.) Predstavitev Brošura
  • Magdeburg: Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal info (1 štud.)
  • Merseburg: Hochschule Merseburg info (2 štud.) Practicalities Kar nekaj predmetov v angleščini!
  • München: Katholische Stiftungshochschule München info (2 štud.) V zimskem semestru je mogoče študirati v angleščini v Munchnu (poudarek na človekovih pravicah PROGRAM), v poletnem pa v samostanu v Benediktbeuernu (PROGRAM), 65 km južno od Munchna. Študenke morajo pred izmenjavo končati vsaj drugi letnik. Poročilo Poročilo1 Poročilo2  Poročilo video "Accommodation will be offered and around €350 per month."
  • Neubrandenburg: Hochschule Neubrandenburg info (1. štud.) Practicalities Brošura1 Brošura2
  • Nordhausen: Fachhochschule Nordhausen info (2 štud.) Practicalities Brošura Info "From summer (spring) semester on, we will provide English taught courses in the field of social work starting with 30 possible ECTS, which are going to be extended to more modules from summer 2024. Please find the list for the upcoming semester attached. Other courses in English can be found here and also attached. Please find attached also our fact sheet for your students, where information about accommodation is included: We have dormitories on the campus with places for exchange students. Approx. costs until 300 €."
  • Regensburg: Hochschule Regensburg info (2 štud.) Za tiste, ki znate nemško, verjetno najlepše mesto, ki je na voljo kot Erasmus destinacija v Nemčiji. Mesto je pod Unescovo zaščito. Foto1Foto2Foto3Foto4 Poročilo iz prve roke Poročilo iz prve roke video "Our recent course list in English language for SOCIAL WORK can be found here: Exchange students are able to take courses also from our other faculties: Yes we are able to support students with accommodation but we are not automatically offering it. Students have to apply for. Further information can be found here: Furthermore, here are links to our information brochures and fact sheet: +"
  • Wiesbaden: Hochschule RheinMain info (3 štud.) Practicalites Brošura Izkušnje iz prve roke v priponki. "You can find courses offered in English here: Students with a level of B1 in German might also want to have a look at the course offer in German for the respective program: Regarding housing - We have room contingents with three housing providers in Wiesbaden that students can apply for when submitting their exchange application (rooms are randomly assigned by lot). In addition we are working on finding more accommodation options for incoming exchange students (interim rentals, …). In short – there is no guarantee (yet) as the number of incomings exceeds the number of “our” rooms but we offer support when it comes to finding accommodation. Students should expect monthly expenses to be around 900 Euro (everything included).



Nizozemska slovi po dobrem študiju.



Informacije in razpisi


Borut Petrović Jesenovec
Erasmus koordinator
Univerza v Ljubljani
Fakulteta za socialno delo
Topniška 31, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
Tel.: +386 1 280 92 73

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